Learn New Things :D

Hola, como esta.? *spanish= halo, apa kabar.? - hello,how are you.?*:D
I became interested in learning spanish. lol xD
why.? because after i saw the show "GauL Bareng BuLe", there was Indonesian artists to someone's home spain with Cinta Laura.
The artists are Omes and Funky Papua :P

this looks ridiculous, but I am very interested in this language :D
this language is unique because it has a different pronunciation, a lot of emphasis here and there
Okay, with no strings attached., Let's Learn Spanish.! :)
there are some words that I got from the show.

sed = haus = thirsty
playas = pantai = beach
jugo = jus = juice
lechosa = pepaya = papaya
guayaba = jambu = guava

number 1-10
one - uno
two - dos
three - tres
four - cuatro
five - cinco
six - seis
seven - siete
eight - ocho
nine - nueve
ten - diez

muchos de mis *so much for me*
gracias *thanky :D

silvia savitri setiawan

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