Gift [again] :D

Hola amigos.! Hola,como esta.? :D
I get gift again. hip hip horraay *jump jump*
this gift from my bestfriend, Chika :D
yesterday me, mia, Rahmi, and Chika gathered at her home.
after long time no see :)

when to went home, suddenly chika gave me something, yeah a gift. thanky so much yaa chikoo :DD
do you want to know what the gift.?
Let's see this :) ::
the gift

i opened the gift :D

eng ing eng, funny pig doll :)

heart-shaped tail

there is a birthday card from her :)

the pig loves me *crazy :D

Now,my monkey doll have new friend. hahaha :DD
so much for me yeah.
thanky :)

silvia savitri setiawan

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