Last Message For YOU

hola amigos.! *halo sahabat sahabat :D
hola, como esta.? Espero que todos los *apa kabar.? semoga kalian baik baik aja ya :)

today I want to tell something that I've been saving in my mind.
Last Message For YOU...
we have not talked familiarly as before
maybe already 6 months not talking
I don't know it going but now me and you have a life of its own..

hmm, yeah ..
NOW You're just my beautiful past
which has been incised gold ink on my heart..
since my friends see you with other girl..
I decided to take away from you..

I was so far not been able to understand yourself fully..
but really when I'm near you my heart excited..
I don't know what it's feeling..

Actually I know
your all lies
You do not have to pretend from me
stop it.!
I'm not going to discuss about our agreement
forget it all.!!!

but I want to someday if we meet again,
I'm begging God for that feeling disappeared
because I'm already taken who loves me completely, which is loyal to me..

If we are destined, one day we will reunite.
I'm sure of it
because the power of God who knows

This last message for you..
hopefully me and you be happy always.. :)

silvia savitri-sal- setiawan
do you remember it.? :)

2 komentar:

HeQris mengatakan...

nice post,,tapi kurang begitu mengerti,,hehe,cz gak pandai bahasa inggriss,,

Silvia Savitri Setiawan mengatakan...

wah kalo mau ngerti, di translate aja di google translate :D