awesome holiday ^^

hey Indonesian students are on holiday! How about your holiday? i hope you have holiday or your vacation very happy like me ^.^
yeea, I was on vacation this holiday to Batu and Malang city yesterday weekend..
I walked to Town Square of Batu city (you can called Alun-Alun Batu).
wow, this place is very charming! Many big lampion decorate and there is mad big bianglala.
 i took picture with Alfi, daughter of My mom's best friend ^^

And We have lunch at Warung Bamboe. Many big fishes here and very agressive when fed! :D
many many many big fishes!

 i fed the fishes ^^

 i fed the fishes with my mom together :D

Calvin, my brother fed that fishes :D

 action on the small bridge ^,^

beautiful, right?

 crazy with my daddy together, hehehe LOL :D

So, this is awesome holiday! ^^

Silvia Savitri Setiawan

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