Begins from "MIE AYAM JAMUR"

sudah lama mau posting, tapi keduluan Rahmii :P
okee gua mulai,eng ing eeeng ^o^

You're a friend who always listen my story, although it not important at all.
happy , sad, creepy, and others
though I can't be
listen your story as good as you,
but I will try to exist for you even though difficult and idiot. hehehe :D

since I know you, I can better love my parents like you, I prefer to eat to be healthy just like you. Hahahaaa xD

kadang aku berpikir, kalau kita ini soulmate.
ini nih buktinya:

dia suka motoin, aku suka difoto :D
dia suka makan, aku suka minum *apaan*
kita sama sama suka blogging
dia suka banget sama jepang, gue nggak sama sekali -..-
dia 'berkecimpung' di dunia langit, gue 'kecemplung' di bumi :D

de. el. el. deeeh :)

thankieeees a Lot Barbiee for your post :D
you are the best friends I never thought, why.?
because when I was little and buy "MIE AYAM JAMUR", I saw you, I want to meet you,
but I can't,
and now I can get to know you more than friends, bestfriend :))
maafkan saya jika bahasa inggrisku campur aduk kayak nasi campur *itu mah enak sill* :D

silvia savitri setiawan

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Pu Chan [Rahmi Izzati Putri] mengatakan...

Thank you so much.. :*


Silvia Savitri Setiawan mengatakan...

yess OF COURSE.!! :D