new doll :D

hola amigos.? hola brotha sista :D
are you fine.? yes yes yes *coercion :p

okay I will tell my all day events :)
yesterday I bought a new doll .!!
the doll is an orange doll :D
yihaaaaa, it's very cute cute cute :P *excessive
do you not believe it huh.?
This is a photograph some of my dolls that I have in my bedroom :DD

there are orange,monkey,pigg,and star dolls

and today in my house there is a big family gathering my father.
there are many exciting stories, including
my niece idolize me.!!
hahahaa :D
Initially I didn't believe it,but her mother told me that she idolize me because I wear veil and in my facebook photos always covered with veil.
hehehe :)
oke saya artikan ke bahasa indonesia:
keponakan perempuanku mengidolakanku :D
awalnya aku tidak percaya,tapi ibunya (kakak sepupuku) cerita ke aku kalau keponakan perempuanku mengidolakanku karena aku menggunakan jilbab dan foto facebookku slalu menggunakan jilbab. :)

I was very very very flattered and like flying to the sky :D
sungguh saya sangat sangat sangat tersanjung dan seperti terbang ke langit saja

thanky yaa and so much for my happy story :)

silvia savitri setiawan

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