So Quiet..!!

I need time to be normal for my life..

I just wanna say, I just a simple human, simple people, ordinary person.!

easy to angry, easy to sensitive, easy to strange..

So, many mistakes is made by the simple girl (Me)

I doesn't mean to broke your heart,

but for me, you just my friends..

there is very high wall obstruct to wreathe a relationship..

I just wanna to be your friends, not more..

And I won't my life full with your joke, maybe for you is funny, but for me,it's the HELL.!!

We can be friends at anytime, anywhere, everyday, until die..
but not to make my heart sensitive and not comfortable..

Just My consuration..

GoD, makes my life normal again,
So Quite as like when I ChiLD X(

2 komentar:

Pu Chan [Rahmi Izzati Putri] mengatakan...

I hope so... :)

say it 'I'M ALIVE~!!'

Silvia Savitri Setiawan mengatakan...

huhuu X(
itu kan judul salah satu lagunya Celine Dion.. :D

saya sdah sms dia,tapi belum ada tanggapan.. huhuhuu